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Why buy Unranked League of Legends accounts on Smurfstore.live

Buy a league of legends account from us to enjoy hand leveled items. We offer triple no with which you will definitely know the difference. No cheats. No bots. No other third parties utilized in the process of leveling. Everything is done so that our customers could enjoy the best game session.
When you buy level 30 unranked LoL accounts you get an instant delivery. All details to acquire a complete access to your account will be available on your payment email. Shopping is easy and fast with us and does not take longer than 5 minutes.
Once you buy LoL accounts from unranked smurfs, you get each item “unverified”. You verify it to your own email yourself.
All payments are processed by G2A pay. There are 160+ payment systems supported worldwide for the convenience of customers who are eager to buy a smurf. There are options for each country so you will find the method which suits you best by all means.

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Customers’ reviews on the league of legends level 30 accounts

Thank you for the account! trusted website!

FAQ about league of legends accounts

1. Are league of legends accounts for sale safe on this site?

Of course! Our website has its own protection protocols which secure an anonymous and safe payment for each customer for their league accounts. Their opinions and experience are available on our site and social media pages.

2. Do you sell botted LoL accounts?

All accounts listed on the site were created by real people. We guarantee that once you buy LoL account lvl 30 you will never face a problem when your account is banned for "bottingto 30"/"use 3rd partyforleveling" reasons.

3. Where and how soon will I be able to login to a smurf account LoL?

Our automated delivery system will send you all access details to your lol smurf accounts to your payment email which you communicated in the purchase during 5 minutes after a confirmed payment.

4. Do you provide warranty if I buy a LoL account on your site?

If you buy Unranked League of Legends accounts here, we replace any “bad” items by a new one if was due to our own mistake\selling process.
Bear in mind however, that we won’t cover cases “concerned with player” involving cheating, misbehavior, toxicity, etc.

5. May I verify my email for the purchased account?

Sure! We sell unverified accounts so that you may verify your own email. To do so, you need to link to the LoL site and to login to your account.

6. What if I want to change the password on my account?

It is possible. You will be able to do it once your email is verified on the LoL site.

7. What are methods of payment available on your site?

There are over 160 methods of payment and there are payment systems for each country. They include Visa/ Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, etc.

8. How can I buy an account here?

Select a game server you would like to have an account on, specify the package you prefer, proceed to pay, make sure the payment is successful, check your mail which you communicated to us during checkout.
Sometimes your account details may be in the spam folder, so check it as well.

9. When your accounts were played last time?

Minimum 6 months ago. After leveling we check them. If everything is ok, we sell them.

10. What summoner name would have my account if I were to buy one?

The name for each item is chosen at random. It may be "oLiNakia", "Mikke","ta1xOx" and so on. Names may be created by means of random symbols as well due to long inactivity. It is possible to change your name. A name change is available to buy at the game client.

11. What does "Random" or "range between" mean?

It means that account from such package comes with rune pages, IP, RP, champions, skins, and other stuff mentioned between some values listed, no more, nor less.
For example: Champions range between 50-60, account has 57 champions, Up to 100 skins, account has 84 skins and so on.

12. If I can’t find an answer to a question I would like to know in the FAQ, what is the way to ask it?

You may reach us by email to inquire about anything you want.

SmurfStore is an active and inspired team of professionals who are diligently working day by day for the benefit of their customers. Our objective is to make a simple, fast and safe service for LoL fans all over the world. The team does its best so that every player would enjoy the game in full for their money.

We thoroughly check and hand level our League accounts to be sure that each League participant will get the best product at an affordable price. We offer sales and discounts to reduce users’ costs. Diverse methods of payment, quick processing and lack of glitches make the purchase enjoyable.

Buy league accounts for your friends or yourself and experience the fascinating atmosphere of the smurf virtual reality online. We appreciate your feedback and every single opinion as we are enthusiastic to make our service even better. So please share your impressions with us and other gamers.

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